Books to Look For (October): Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Humor

Science Fiction 
The Cusanus Game by Wolfgang Jeschke (Tor Books, 544 pages, October 15)

"In the tradition of Stanislaw Lem and Philip K. Dick, a novel of future disaster in Europe by the grand master of German science fiction." Mutating human DNA, extinctions, time travel- this book looks sooooooo gooooood...


The Hobbit: Illustrated Edition by J. R. R. Tolkein, Illustrated by Jemima Catlin (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 384 pages, October 1)

A gift edition of Tolkien's tale about a hobbit and Middle Earth. I'm loving the illustrations so far...

The Onion Book of Knowledge: A Definitive Encyclopaedia of Existing Information by The Onion (Little, Brown and Company, 256 pages, October 29)

This book right here, people, contains "the sum total of mankind's knowledge." Well, there you have it. There's nothing left to do but go back to bed, I guess. Oh, and did I mention that it promises "eternal wisdom." Oh, yes.

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