Welcome to Bookishly Witty, where you'll find book reviews, commentary, and more, all with a touch of humor and a sprinkle of snark.

You want my bookish creds? Of course you do. I earned a Ph.D in literary studies from UW-Madison; taught several American lit, British lit, and Composition courses; and worked at the Wisconsin Historical Society Press. I currently write for Book Riot and SF Signal.

You want MORE? Geez you're demanding.

Favorite genres: literary fiction, speculative fiction, history, biography, and anything in translation
Favorite author: Thomas Mann

Favorite novel: The Magic Mountain
Current number of print and ebooks in my house: ~ 800
Amount of space left in my house/on the e-reader for more books: ~ none
Number of hours I spend each day wishing I could move to the moon and just read and do nothing else: 24
Other interests: opera, crochet and embroidery, Renaissance and Impressionist art

Enjoy, and happy reading.