A (Potentially) Complete List of Speculative Fiction in Translation for 2016

I'm sure that this list will need to be updated soon, but here's what I have so far:

title author country translator transl. Date publisher
The Core of the Sun Johanna Sinisalo Finland Lola Rogers 01/05/16 Grove Press Black Cat
Fardwor, Russia!: A Fantastical Tale of Life Under Putin Oleg Kashin Russia Will Evans 01/12/16 Restless Books
Empire V Victor Pelevin Russia Anthony Phillips 02/18/16 Gollancz
Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Vol 1: Dawn Yoshiki Tanaka Japan Daniel Huddleston 03/08/16 Haikasoru
Castles in Spain various Spain ed. Mariano Villarreal 04/09/16 Sportula
Super Extra Grande Yoss Cuba David Frye 06/07/16 Restless Books
The Doomed City Arkady & Boris Strugatsky Russia Andrew Bromfield 07/01/16 Chicago Review Press
The Year 200 Agustín de Rojas Cuba Nicholas Caistor 07/12/16 Restless Books
Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Vol 2: Ambition Yoshiki Tanaka Japan Daniel Huddleston 07/19/16 Haikasoru
The Gate of Sorrows Miyuki Miyabe Japan Jim Hubbert 08/16/16 Haikasoru
Death's End (3/3) Cixin Liu China Ken Liu 08/30/16 Tor
Sixth Watch Sergi Lukyenko Russia Andrew Bromfield 08/30/16 Harper Paperbacks
Invisible Planets: Contemporary Chinese Science Fiction in Translation various China Ken Liu 11/01/16 Tor
Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Vol 3: Endurance Yoshiki Tanaka Japan Daniel Huddleston 11/15/16 Haikasoru
The Monteverde Report Lola Robles Spain Lawrence Shimel
Aqueduct Press
Zero Machine

Acheron Books

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