Books to Look For (March): Literary Fiction Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro (Knopf, 336 pages, March 3)

I just finished reading this and, as expected, it was gorgeous, haunting, mysterious, and even, at times, humorous. It's ancient Britain after the Romans have left, and an old couple set out on a journey to find their son, whom they barely remember. Ishiguro uses the couple, and their traveling companions (including an old Sir Gawain!) to explore the benefits/pitfalls of memory and the ways in which it helps us hold on to the happy times of our lives, but also burdens us with that which we'd rather forget. (I'll be posting my review of BG next Wednesday). of God by Jill Ciment (Pantheon, 192 pages, March 3)

Four women, one rowhouse, and a bizarre mold infestation. That's how Ciment tells the story of four women living in Brooklyn in the summer of 2015 (two are sisters, one is an actress, and the other a stowaway in the actress's closet). When they're forced to leave their home because of the mold with nothing but the clothes on their backs, these four women are forced to confront their own demons and regrets. I've heard great things about this one, you guys. Check it out.

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