Books to Look For (October): History, Comics/Graphic Novels, & Travel

History of Sin: A Story of Sex, Jazz, Murder, and the Battle for Modern New Orleans by Gary Krist (Crown, 432 pages, October 28)

Now if that title didn't grab you, I don't know what will. From the author of City of Scoundrels comes a story about early-20th-century New Orleans and the prostitutes, moral reformers, "dissolute jazzmen," and politicians who competed to topple the city's "czar," Tom Anderson. Looks fascinating.

Comics/Graphic Novels #22 by Seth (Drawn and Quarterly, 120 pages, October 28)

This "one-man anthology" comes from the same pen that illustrates Lemony Snicket. In Palookaville #22, Seth brings together an autobiographical comic focusing on his childhood, the latest in his Clyde Fans serial, a photo essay, and a comic strip about barbering. Did I mention the beautiful illustrations? They're beautiful.

Travel Back by Linda Cracknell (Freight Books, 256 pages, October 1)

Here Cracknell travels through both space and time, describing the journey she took to retrace her father's footsteps through the Swiss Alps more than half a century ago, the last walk he ever took. Doubling Back is about the ways in which physical travel is inevitably bound up with memory, family, and the past.

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