Books to Look For (July): History, Comics/Graphic Novels, & Travel

History Anne: Patroness of Arts by James Anderson Winn (Oxford University Press, 816 pages, July)

Despite a life marked by tragedy, Anne was nonetheless a devotee and patroness of the arts in 17th-century England. The last Stuart monarch, Anne inspired poets, painters, and composers to create works of great beauty and political importance, even as she excelled in the arts. Handel, Pope, Wren- they're all here. Sooo, guess this means I'm adding another British monarch biography to the TBR list!

Comics/Graphic Novels by Bryan Lee O'Malley (Ballantine Books, 336 pages, July 15)

From the creator of the Scott Pilgrim series comes a full-color graphic novel about a young restaurant-owner who is given the chance to turn her life around, with the help of a magical creature-thing. Of course!

Travel Interior Circuit: A Mexico City Chronicle by Francisco Goldman (Grove Press, 336 pages, July 2)

An exploration of a fascinating city, The Interior Circuit is Goldman's way of coming to terms with loss and understanding Mexico City's relationship to the rest of the country during this turbulent period.

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