Books to Look For (March): Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Humor

Science Fiction Shakespeare’s The Empire Striketh Back by Ian Doescher (Quirk Books, 176 pages, March 18)

Since William Shakespeare's Star Wars proved to be an "interstellar best seller," of course we expected a sequel! Well, here it is, in all its theatrical glory. And Yoda looks damn good in that frilly outfit, don't you think?

Fantasy Pilgrims by Will Elliott (Tor Books, 448 pages, March 18)

I'm sorry but are you seeing this cover? It's beyond awesome. A castle-dragon thing and a little red door that connects our world to the land of Levaal, where a harsh ruler attempts to achieve immortality...well, just be glad that this is only the first book in a trilogy. Whew!

Humor My Mother Always Said...Wise Words, Witty Warnings, and Odd Advice We Never Forget by Eric McHugh (Abrams Image, 144 pages, March 25)

Mammas tend to give you lots of advice, even if you clearly don't want it. But they see it as part of the job description, so what can you do? I know! Read this book and laugh and know that there are fellow-sufferers out there.

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