Books to Look For (January): Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Humor

Science Fiction Echo by James Smythe (Harper Voyager, 320 pages, January 28)

Oooooooo [anticipatory shivers] this looks good. In this follow-up to his sci-fi thriller The Explorer, Smythe tells the story of twin brothers who bring back the global space program from near collapse as part of their effort to find out what happened to the spaceship Ishiguro, which disappeared decades before. Of course, careful planning doesn't prepare them for what they find on the mission. Like I said...ooooooo.

Fantasy by Seanan McGuire (47North, ? pages, January 21)

Hmmmmm. In this world that McGuire's created, a special organization called the ATI Management Bureau works to protect the world from fairy tales. That's right. Fairy tales are entering reality and...well...stuff gets complicated, even treacherous. Sounds freaky.

Humor Longest Date: Life as a Wife by Cindy Chupack (Viking Adult, 224 pages, January 2)

Chupack has written for Modern Family and Sex and the City, so I'm gonna go out on a limb here and assume that she's hilarious. After spending much of her career writing about dating and relationships for tv and magazines, Chupack here offers us the lessons she's learned about love and marriage after finding Mr. Right.

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  1. Indexing sounds not a little inspired by Jasper Fforde's Nursery Crimes which, if you have not read them, I recommend belaying the day's plans and making all due haste to the nearest bookstore. The Big Over Easy (about the murder of Humpty Dumpty) made me snort at least once per page...