Books to Look For (December): Biography, Literary Fiction, & Mystery

Biography To Strive, To Seek, To Find by John Batchelor (Pegasus, 448 pages, December 7)

Ok, not to be all silly and giddy or anything but DOG MY CATS!- I am a very big Tennyson fan. In fact, I love "Ulysses" so much that I have it memorized (you may have heard part of it recited in a little movie called The Dead Poet's Society). But anyway- Batchelor has written what may just be the definitive biography of the poet, one of the greats of the Victorian era.

Literary Fiction Apartment by Greg Baxter (Twelve, 208 pages, December 3)

Only yesterday this lovely little book arrived on my doorstep (not by Amazon drone, though, oh whaaaat a disappointment....*rolls eyes sarcastically*). Yes, I had pre-ordered it, it looked so good. The Apartment is a novel about love, memory, exile, and war, with all of the action happening over the course of a single day. Can't wait to start this one, but I need to finish the Bob Dylan biography first...

Mystery in the Rockies by G. Eldon Smith (Koehler Books, 256 pages, December 2013 [no specified date])

Hmm. A mystery novel that is also historical fiction- sounds quite interesting. Here you've got a hot-shot eastern lawyer lately arrived in 1890s Denver, a rancher accused of murdering a miner, and some sort of "emerging technology" that the lawyer uses to find the real killer. Like I said: hmm.

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