Authors and their Soups

So we all love the Great Writers, right? And we all love soup, right? RIGHT! Thus...this post. 

Ernest Hemingway's soup: water. None of that fancy-schmancy crap! 

Herman Melville's soup: brine-y with a heaping tbsp of pepper. Make that the whole pepper shaker. 

Samuel Richardson's soup: has to fill a HUGE bowl & take anyone else FOREVER to finish. 

Vladimir Nabokov's soup: rich, creamy, and full of spicy little surprises.

File:Bram Stoker 1906.jpg 

Bram Stokers's soup: non-reflective and hold the garlic. Did you hear me?? I SAID NO GARLIC! 

Edith Wharton's soup: super fancy and expensive, but with a faint whiff of something notttt quite proper...

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