Books to Look For (February): History Astronomer Royal by Rebekah Higgett (Robert Hale, 208 pages, February 1)

First of all, I love this cover. Second, I love anything to do with the history of astronomy, so clearly this book is right up my alley. Higgett explores the life and work of Nevil Maskelyne, an 18th-century astronomer and major figure in British science and maritime exploration. He designed experiments to measure the "weight" of the Earth, attempted to observe the transits of Venus, and worked on innovative marine timekeepers. Sounds like a guy I'd like to know more about. and Glorious: The Revolution of 1688 by Michael I. Wilson (The History Press, 192 pages, February 1)

You've probably learned at least a little bit about the "Glorious Revolution" in school, but if you're interested in learning more, Wilson's got you covered. In Happy and Glorious, he takes us through the removal of James VII and the installation of Mary and William of Orange, leading to the form of government that Britain has to this day.

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